The Solution

The Septic Surgeons can provide a solution that is fast,effective and relatively inexpensive. In a day or less, years of life can be added to your septic system without disturbing your lawn or landscaping. 

Traditional excavating is very disruptive to your life style and family, and will often result in a great deal of personal effort and work or substantial time and money with your landscaping contractor. All the result of a failed septic system, and the use of decades old technology

Here's How It Works

Our system uses a long, narrow probe and an external pnuematic hammer to penetrate soil to depths of three to twelve feet-- depending on the depth of your system. It then forces air into the soil at a controlled rate using a special high pressure compressor creating a network of fissures and cracks which breaks up the biomat that has formed on the walls of the trenches or wells, and loosens compacted and biomatted soils.

This system adds the new dimension of using a second tank and parallel system that simultaneously allows the injection of air and polystyrene pellets into the fissures that have been opened by the compressed air. This maintains the passages for the percolation of liquids away from the trenches or well.

Because air tends to follow the path of least resistance, both the air and the pellets will move horizontally and vertically upward through the soil. The pellets keep the air and water passages open to insure proper leaching and transportation on a long term basis