Bacterial Bio Remediation / Oxygenation

Overgrown Bio Mat (the black, gooey, smelly, yucky stuff)

The biological mat (bio-mat) is a layer of living anaerobic (without oxygen) microbes that appear as a tar like substance lining the sides and bottom of the absorption trenches, filtration beds and dry wells. It is a necessary part of a living system where viruses and pathogens are removed from the effluent before it passes through to the surrounding soil and, eventually, to the water table.

Aerobic (with oxygen) bacteria live in the soil surrounding the drainage system. These air breathing colonies keep the anaerobic (bio-mat) in check. When the soil becomes over saturated, the air breathing colonies die off. Over an extended period of time, often years, the ( bio-mat) will increase to a point where it forms an impervious layer and stops the flow of affluent to the surrounding soil

Organic overload (too much nondegraded grease, oil and organic matter) causes system failure.

When the drain field has completely failed: Proven Solutions

1. Soil Fracturing (TerraLift)

2. Bio-Remediation: that uses a scientifically formulated, bacterial remediation process to aid and facilitate the digestion of grease and organic matter. This formula, created by our Microbiologist (Ph.D) is proprietary and NOT available to the general public.

Using the TerraLift (Soil Fracturing)  our success rate is in the 98th percentile, and we have an 20 year success rate on procedures completed since 1999.

Based on our experience and results, the above mentioned options are generally 1/2 (or less) than the cost of a replacement system.