Failed Septic System

When Problems Arise

Your septic system no longer works properly. Smelly water seeps up on to the lawn above your leach field or dry well when you have company or do the wash. Sewage will often back up into the house or cause your drains to run slowly, smell or gurgle. The leaching system for your septic system is exhausted, and needs to be repaired or rejuvenated. Minimal excavation may be required to inspect the "T" in the tank, the line from the tank to the distribution box and the distribution box. 

"Septic Surgeons To The Rescue"

Septic Surgeons provides a solution that is fast, effective and is 50% less than old technology and heavy machinery can provide.  This cost saving procedure is patented and represents a technological breakthrough in soil restoration. This system solves a number of problems-including compaction of biomat, drainage and saturation.  With over 40 years of collective experience  - The Septic Surgeons have provided a satisfactory conclusion, answering literally thousands of questions, which has resulted in hundreds of successfully repaired, rejuvenated or replaced  systems