You Have 3 Choices:


Choice One

Do nothing and live with the problem, expense and long-term health issues




Choice Two 


Let us use our "Cutting Edge" Technology and save well over 65% the cost of replacement.



Choice three 


We will replace your existing system with a new one - should that be your decision.

We install premier aeration systems...



       Home Advisor - Pro:  Request For Information




The most often requests for information include:

Install Complete New System (new construction)

Replace Failed System

Repair Failed System

Here is what we need to know to serve your needs:

Topography and grade restrictions: Size of property: Soil condition and type: Number of bedrooms & bathrooms: Is there a toilet or drain in the basement: Space on the electrical panel for a 25 amp fuse: Discharge location (if applicable): Placement of system on the property: Landscaping issues: What county are you in, and what type of system serves your property? Do you have an original diagram of the septic system at installation? Has there been modifications to the existing system?

Current System?

Aeration System with “off lot discharge”

Aeration System with “on lot discharge”

Gravity Flow System (on or off lot discharge)

Mound System, Pressure System, Spray System, Drip Irrigation.

It is in your best financial interests to ascertain the specifics of repair, replacement or installation.

Professionals provide an opinion/diagnosis after a careful  evaluation of the information mentioned above, based on experience and intelligence.

Over the phone quotes are not only unreliable; they are not a “contract to perform for a specific amount.”

If you had specific symptoms of  a major health problem, would your physician evaluate your condition, recommend a course of action, and prescribe medication over the phone?

Probably not: he would lose his license to practice medicine for gross malpractice.

Understanding the new 2016 county septic guidelines, along with county codes, variances, restrictions, buyer/seller , homeowner responsibilities, inspection information and real estate transfer issues and concerns can be overwhelming.

We can provide information and services, gained over 35 plus years in business, and we can recommend time tested and proven professionals, in many cases, to assist in you decision making process.

Bottom Line: We need to inspect and evaluate your property to protect your interests.

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